Sojourner Zenobia


Sojourner graduated from Naropa University in 2006 with a BFA in interdisciplinary performance and a minor in Buddhist studies. In 2008 she founded Soul Journey’s to fulfill her desire to direct. She attended the School at Steppenwolf in 2009 and the Pantheatre school of choreographic theater and Roy Hart experimental vocal training in Paris, 2012. Sojourner often trains in meditation retreats from various Buddhist lineages to deepen her understanding of the nature of mind. Sojourner studies energy work and ritual at Chicago’s Life Force Arts Center. Weaving together her extensive trainings she has created an exploratory process that brings out raw and magnetizing performances in both her company and solo work. 


Sojourner investigates the arts as a pathway for strengthening relationship with unseen worlds i.e. ancestors, nature, divine self, as a source of power for personal, social and political movements.


She directs and collaborates with multi-talented artists including dancers, actors, installation artists, videographers and vocalists. Sojourner intentionally activates spaces of connection and gratitude through monthly meditations she guides for women of color. She is a unique gem in Chicago’s underground performance scene offering her original, spiritually themed productions in non-traditional theatre spaces.