its interesting, the memories we keep and those we let go. i remember watching the back of my grandma walking strong and clear with a cane. autumn leaves lighting up the smooth almond color skin tones on her face. 

Maxine would listen to the soil as she walked. she stood like a magnolia tree in the wind. her hair the bloom.

sometimes her center would shift and all of her weight would fall on one leg as she teetered to balance.  no mind, she looked out with pride.

she taught me to be easy and peaceful. she gave me a transmission of the power of stillness. 

from this stillness comes a voice that guides me deep into the darkness that begins behind my eyes. the stillness: where i am intimate with the present.  

 i can feel the lover in the hearts of the women in my family.

i bow and radiate to this lineage of ready, strong and fluttering souls.

i  turn within and grow my wings for our love to soar through time.