Book sojourner for

  • your company retreat

  • a healing moment with friends 

  • a customized meditation session for your personal evolution


Meditation is an indispensable skill in these uncertain times. Many philosophies, morals and systems as we know them are changing. New ideas and values are being born. We need a concrete way to keep us grounded as we identify, refine and walk strongly in our purpose.

Allow me to facilitate a private one on one session or a group circle. Depending on your needs, a private meditation/mindfulness session for you, your company retreat or your gathering of friends can focus, the mind, ease stress, repair your nervous system, connect us to the spirit world, cultivate a graceful grounded self love, create better communication in partnerships and more! Contact me to begin specializing a private session guaranteed to bare fruit.


One on One- Includes a 15 minute consultation to customize a meditation journey plus a 1 hour custom guided meditation, visualization and motivational/healing workshop based on your needs: Sliding scale $50-$125

Group Session-Includes a 15 minute consultation to customize a guided meditation plus one hour visualization and motivational healing workshop based on the needs of your group $125-$200

Each additional hour $20-$50


*Please contact me if you or your organization is unable to meet these rates. I am also available to negotiate through trade.