The integration of meditation with life and performance offers me an awareness of the full spectrum of human expression.

I listen for the subtlest movement of my heart and breath.

Sensations that reveal the sacred in my most mundane tasks.

l walk, I sit, I gaze.

As life flows, these tasks are colored with the biggest energies inside of me.

Striding with my passion for a lover. Fuming with anger from the news. Moved in song by a spirit transitioned and present.  

I become SO big,

If I like.

And I Do.  

There is space here for every part of me, from the simple single pointed breath,

to a spectacle meant to move the stardust of your soul. 


a few points on my spectrum.

 Contact me to collaborate or to hire me as a featured performer.


Chicago Home Theater Festival 2017


Chicago Folklore Ensemble 2017


Spirit / Wolf Woman 2011


Upright Priestess 2014

Electric Sunrize 2011 (explicit language)

Photo Gallery