"Stillness meditations flow from Sojourner's kind heart and deep spirituality. Under her guidance, I have learned how to sit compassionately with my own thoughts, breathe deeply, and become more familiar with myself. I appreciate the patience she brings to the practice, as well as the knowledge she shares about the many different ways we can heal and be healed through meditation."

- Jade Perry


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Stillness: A Meditation for Femmes of Color

Stillness is a circle for Femmes of color. All gender and gender non-conforming expressions are welcome.

Through peaceful abiding meditation we become intimate with the breath and sensations in our bodies. We reveal the great and spacious nature of the mind through contemplating elemental Buddhist teachings.

From this fruitful ground, we build relationships with spirit guides and strengthen intuition. Modes of healing and self reflection range from visualizations, journeying, sharing stories, prayer, energy work and more.